3 dangerous diseases from eating Too much “ready food”

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Is there anyone who enjoys eating processed food? Processed foods are foods that have undergone a shelf life process. or preserving food by various means Whether it’s curing, freezing, smoking, drying, canning. For example, sausages, bacon, ham, dried meat, canned meat, fermented pork, meatballs, ufabet https://ufabet999.com, etc.

Each of the processed foods that we’ve given examples are delicious, but did you know that eating too much processed food can be harmful to your health, leading to various diseases ? Some INN team has found the answer for everyone.

3 dangerous diseases from eating Too much "ready food"


Who would have thought that just eating processed food would cause cancer? But the answer is yes. This is because processed foods often contain saltpeter or potassium nitrate. Nitrate) is an ingredient in food. which has properties as preservatives as well as nitrite preservatives and sodium nitrate This will help inhibit the growth of bacteria itself.

And, of course, these substances are classified as carcinogens. which if the body receives food that contains these preservatives consecutively for a long time It increases the risk of cancer of the stomach, esophagus, colon and leukemia more as well.


Someone felt Do you think you’re fat just by breathing? Just eating processed food will make you obese again. I feel twice as fat now. This is because most processed foods contain a lot of sugar. And, of course, sugar is an important factor in causing obesity easily. 

Although the product labels on processed food packages do not include the word sugar in the ingredients, But would like everyone to try to notice if there are any ingredients of these things. Whether it’s glucose, fructose, sucrose, honey, corn syrup, maltose, nectar. or molasses 

These substances are also considered sugars. Which ingestion of these substances will cause the body to release dopamine. When the body receives sugar on a regular basis, it will make you happy. When this is the case, it will make the body want more and more sugar. It is like being addicted to one kind of drug ever. And whenever we have the need to eat this type of food on a regular basis. It will make the body get used to getting sugar until it can cause obesity.


I believe that there must be many people who are confused about what eating processed food has to do with depression. A study in England found that eating too much “processed” food leads to worse mental health and an increased risk of depression. 

As many of you may already know, processed foods contain a lot of sugar. It can destroy serotonin in the intestines. Serotonin is a substance that affects mood. And is a substance that helps to regulate emotions. Helps to refresh the body feel relaxed But if when the serotonin in the body is low It will result in us feeling anxious or depressed.