Three Spurs players are believed to be in a difficult situation in the dressing room.

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There are news reports that 3 senior players of Tottenham Hotspur, the top team of London. In the Premier League arena, there is a difficult situation in the dressing room of the Golden Spurs army.

Alasdair Gold, Tottenham reporter Hotspur believes that things are now changing. may become ‘Awkward’ for the likes of Eric Dier, Hugo Lloris and Pierre-Emile Hoijbeer in the Tottenham dressing room Previously. It looked like the trio had no future with Spurs. Two have not previously been named in the squad for the ยูฟ่าเบท season. While Hugo Lloris has expressed his desire to leave this summer, according to Football London reporter Gould . His YouTube channel

Three Spurs players are believed to be in a difficult situation in the dressing room.

         No matter the various situations What will it be like? But all three will now remain at Tottenham Hotspur this season, with Pierre-Emile Hojbeer the only one who has had a chance to play and Eric. Dyer may have a chance to return to the starting line-up after Christian Romero’s injury. Spurs have just announced their 25-man squad for this season’s Premier League campaign and all three have been included, including Lloris.

          last season The goalkeeper, who has retired from international football with France is the club’s No. 1. But he is now second choice behind summer signing Gunelmo Vicario and even Fraser. Forster has also established a new leadership group within the club, with Son Heung-min now captain. Including Christian Romero and James Maddison, who recently moved to the team as vice-captain of the team.

“It’s very interesting that now you have the three previous leaders – Lloris, Hojbeer and Dier – who are all there. But they are no longer in a leadership role,” said a Football London reporter. “It will be a good test of their professionalism. that they are the kind of people who have informal experience and will lead by example.”

          But I think it would become awkward if they tried to lead and not in a formal way. But through voting and talking over the real captain,” “ Postecoglou made it very clear that the dressing room has to control itself. He had entrusted them with that. And he will step in if things don’t go right. It will be interesting to see how Maddison, Romero and Sonny, as the three captains, will now oversee a group that includes previous leaders. How about theirs?”