Manchester City 1-1 Chelsea: Issues after the Premier League game. The Blues opened their nest to share points. The Blues were disappointed.

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  • Chelsea interrupts their bid to win the Premier League title. Manchester City After invading and holding on to a 1-1 draw
  • Raheem Sterling scored against his old team in a game that Mauricio Pochettino’s side would have had more chances to score if they had been sharper.
  • Erling Haaland was in poor form and had a chance to head in, but it was unbelievable.
Manchester City 1-1 Chelsea: Issues after the Premier League game. The Blues opened their nest to share points. The Blues were disappointed.

Raheem Sterling scored against his old team to put the visiting team ahead in the first half. In fact, Mauricio Pochettino’s team would have had a chance to add more scores if Nicholas Jackson had been sharper in his solo moments.

Erling Haaland was out of form in a strange way, especially when his incredible header crossed the crossbar, which made Kevin De Bruyne, who crossed the ball so accurately, upset. And here are the points that we see in this game.

Liverpool and Arsenal will be extremely happy with Man City’s drop in points as it means the title race remains wide open.

Although Manchester City may beat Brentford in the remaining games on Tuesday night, They will not be above Liverpool, including only one point ahead of Arsenal.

Importantly, the “Blues” are still behind their championship contenders in terms of goal difference.

Manchester City now have a goal difference of +31, while Arsenal, second in the league, has the best record at +36 and Liverpool follows at +35.

increased confidence

Chelsea’s form in this game will be a huge confidence boost ahead of the Carabao Cup final against Liverpool next weekend.

Mauricio Pochettino’s team have been impressive. Especially in the offensive game in the first half. With Manchester City’s high defensive attack on a regular basis

Meanwhile, the “Sing Blues” defense was equally strong in helping to resist the home team’s formidable offensive line, especially Axel Disasi, who must say that this โปรโมชั่น ufabet game was a downer.

Manchester City had 71% of possession and 32 shot attempts but were unable to break through Chelsea’s defense to score their second goal of the game.

Erling Haaland’s nightmare

Erling Haaland remains the Premier League’s leading scorer this season, scoring 16 goals, but he will not be remembered for his night against Chelsea.

The Norwegian international star recently scored two goals in a 2-0 win over Everton, but he was unable to take his sharpness from the match against Chelsea despite finding opportunities to score. up to 9 times

The 23-year-old star missed many important opportunities. Especially in the second half when he headed Kevin De Bruyne’s precise cross over the crossbar.

Maybe it’s the aftermath of an injury. Even though he scored two goals in the last game But he also needs a moment to get back to top form.