Klopp responds after being asked about Salah & the team’s noon kick-off time

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp was very unhappy after being asked by a reporter about Mohamed Salah and about the team’s 12:30 kick-off time.

Jürgen Klopp lost his temper at reporters after being asked about the future of Liverpool star Mohamed Salah, who is a target for Saudi Arabia, but the club rejected Al-Ittiha. who are preparing to make an offer worth 215 million pounds and are ready to give the 31-year-old Salah a salary of 1.8 million pounds per week. Klopp will be relieved to see his star player remain at the โปรโมชั่น ufabet club. However, rumors that the Saudi club Arabia will try again for his team that will not go away.

Klopp responds after being asked about Salah & the team's noon kick-off time

          And Klopp appeared very upset when asked about the possibility of Salah leaving in January. By asking the reporter, “Are you guys kidding me?” when asked at a press conference yesterday (Friday, September 15, 2023). “One week after the transfer window closed, You asked me about the January transfer window,” the German laughed when he said another offer might come in January. “You guys can’t wait until December to ask these questions, right? We’ll see what happens, but no, I’m not worried about it right now.” “I’m not thinking about it until you open the wound again. I’m not worried at all.”

          The Egyptian started the season strong. After scoring 19 goals last season and adding two goals and two assists in 2023-24, Klopp has also cut Trent Alexander- Arnold. Left from the team for the away game against Wolves today (Saturday, September 16), with the game kicking off at 12.30 (UK time) at Molineux, the defender has a hamstring injury. And Klopp revealed he will be assessed when he is able to run in training. By praising this right-back in a joking manner: “If you can find a better passer, tell me!”

         The Liverpool boss appeared unimpressed when asked about his team’s match schedule. And do the Reds have a problem with playing at 12.30 on Saturday? It was pointed out that his team lost three games and drew three games played in the same period last season. But he responded with obvious shock, asking: “Are you serious about this question?”

  He added: “What do you mean What was the difference when you played 30 hours ago in Bolivia? What do you think is the reason? I don’t understand.” “It’s a matter of time or lack of recovery in between. It’s not a problem if you have a normal week. We always say that. The only problem is there is no time to recover. ‘We had four international breaks until March and in two of those four we kicked off at 12:30. If I say anything about it again, The whole world will say ‘He started moaning again’ but it was funny. We have players in South America that I haven’t met yet and we’ll be playing in 24 hours. It’s funny.”

          “We will not change that. But it didn’t change anything. They will turn a deaf ear to that. So why do we have to talk about this?” ‘Is there really a problem with the time of 12:30 because it’s lunch time? Or maybe it’s more like the time between games and the intensity of the journey?’ Express your own opinion on this. But there may not be a source.”