How to use Baccarat Grind money formula?

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Read the rules of the baccarat money formula. In this one, there may be some confusion. So I would like to give an example of using the Baccarat Grind formula for you to see.

How to use Baccarat Grind money formula?

Suppose that 1 unit is equal to 10 baht.

  • 1st eye, start round 1, bet 1 unit, the UFABET result is lost, now we have lost 1 unit, next eye we have to bet 1 unit.
  • 2nd eye, we are still in round 1, bet 1 unit and still lost. Now we have lost 2 units, next turn we will bet 1 unit as usual according to rule number 3.
  • The 3rd eye, we still bet 1 unit because we still can’t close the round and still lose continuously. But this time we win, get a profit of 1 unit, equal to now we have a loss of 1 unit, so the next round we will bet 1 more unit according to rule number 2.
  • 4th eye , we bet 2 units, the result is a loss, it turns out that we have accumulated losses of 3 units, the next round we will bet equal to this eye, according to rule number 3.
  • 5th eye , we bet 2 units, this eye we win, gain 2 units, accumulated loss 1 unit, in the next betting round we will not add more units. Because if we win, it will give us a profit of 2 units (3 wins, 3 profits, 1 loss, 2 profits left), which will not be able to close the round. Baccarat Grind money formula
  • 6th eye , we still bet 2 units and heaven favors us to win. This means that this round we get 2 units of profit, minus 1 unit of accumulated loss, leaving 1 unit of profit. Therefore, it is considered that our 1st round ends in the 6th turn.
  • The 7th turn starts counting again. and start betting at 1 unit, same as the 1st eye

At this point, someone might be thinking why in the 6th eye they don’t bet more than 2 units. Because if we win, we will get more profit. Looking superficially, it might be good. But the heart of the baccarat grind formula is that in each round, only 1 unit of profit is required. Not placing more bets for a profit of more than 1 unit. Because he already thought that if we lose. We must bet the same amount of the last round. If you can’t imagine following I will give you an example.

  • Turn 6: We broke the rules by betting 3 units (instead of 2) in order to offset the original loss of 1 unit and add a profit of 2 units if we win. But the result is a loss, meaning that now we have accumulated a loss of 4 units and the next round must bet 3 units according to rule number 3.
  • 7th eye , bet 3 units, the result is lost again. Now we have accumulated a loss of 7 units, the next round must bet 3 units again.
  • 8th eye, bet 3 units, still not win, the situation is starting to escalate now. because we accumulate loss up to 10 units
  • In the 9th eye , we still have to bet 3 units as usual according to the rules. Luck (seems to be) good, this round wins, returns 3 units of profit minus the accumulated loss of 10 units, now we still have a loss of 7 units and as a rule in the next round we must bet 1 more unit according to the rule no. 2
  • 10th turn , we bet 4 units and come back to lose again. It turned out to be even worse. Cumulative loss up to 11 units

Have you seen why we have to follow the rules strictly? because if the result is the opposite It will only cause negative effects to us, which is called a small loss, difficult to lose. It’s very easy to lose, it’s not wrong.

Summary of Baccarat Grind Money Formula

For me, the Baccarat Grind formula is suitable for people who want to take less risks. (The risk of this formula is 2/5 or about 40%) because it can make a profit from Online casinos can be done in small increments, but when you lose, it’s not a lot of waste either. But we have to be careful not to be too negative. If it’s good, you should set goals for playing as well. As for anyone who wants to make a lot of profit or have a thick capital, should try other formulas that seem to be more suitable.

In addition, before using the grind formula, we should look at the situation on our side. If losing more than winning, it shouldn’t be used because it doesn’t help. But if overall the number of wins is more than the loss or win consecutively Like this. It’s interesting to use because it will help increase profits for us.