DJ “Bobby Friction” Biography

The much well known DJ Bobby Friction was born on the 21st of August 1971. His real name is Paramdeep Singh Sehdev but there is no denying that practically everybody knows him by his stage name. DJ Bobby Friction is not only a DJ, but also a popular radio and television presenter.

His career as a DJ kicked off thanks to a residency at the Swaraj @ The Blue Note. Here the goal was to showcase new Asian talent as well as sounds from the Asian musical world. This was in the late 1990’s, so DJ Bobby Friction was less than thirty years old, but he was already showing a lot of keenness, enthusiasm and dedication. Later on DJ Bobby Friction was the first resident DJ at the Shaanti club at The Custard Factory in Birmingham. This was a very popular club back then, especially due to the fact that it was the very first Asian club outside of London which specialized on mixing different music genres from Asian countries.

His success mainly started thirteen years ago, back in 2002, when he joined BBC Radio 1 to co-host the show ‘Bobby Friction & Nihal’. This show was a Sony Gold award winning show. Later in 2005 DJ Bobby Friction joined the BBC Asian Network where he started presenting their Saturday afternoon show. This show was called the ‘Album Chart Show’. He then moved on to a similar show, by the name of ‘The Mix’, which was aired every Sunday afternoon. Since then, DJ Bobby Friction never looked back. At the moment he is in fact presenting the show ‘Friction’ on the Network. This show is very popular and is regarded all over the world as being a gold standard show when it comes to Asian Music and Desi Beats.

Throughout the years DJ Bobby Friction managed to represent the British Asian sound in many countries thanks to his career as a deejay. Thanks to this, and his undying commitment and enthusiasm, he built up an international reputation for being a genre mixing turntablilist.

DJ Bobby Friction hails from West London. Many consider him as being a very prominent personality and an influential person in the field of music. Many young Asian music lovers follow him keenly. He is very much sought after in the Asian club scene, and also in broadcasting. All this is made evident by the fact that he won his second Gold Sony award in 2005, and his third award in 2007 for his show ‘Friction’. In 2009 it also won him the ‘Best Radio Show’ at the UK Asian Music Awards, and in 2011 it won this same award once again. Since December 2012 DJ Bobby Friction has been presenting a weekly radioshow on East Village Radio, commonly known as Friction on EVR.

DJ Bobby Friction was also a founder member of the band Ecostani. To date he is still working with his production partner, The Infinite Scale. Together, they have recorded lots of original material. They have been working together for nine years, working on lots of different mixes, including Electronica, House, Hip-Hop, Bhangra and several others.

His gigs have also included headlining his own outdoor New Years Eve gig in Bangalore, where there were some ten thousand people. He also played for Womad in the UK and Singapore, in The World Music Festival in Chicago, in The Burningman Festival in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada as well as several regular gigs in San Francisco and Los Angeles. DJ Bobby Friction is also a regular on the European Festival circuit, including eight Glastonbury festivals as well as every Bestival to date.

DJ Bobby Friction has also recorded a number of tracks with Black Star Liner, who has been nominated for the Mercury Music Award. He also starred in the documentary ‘This England’ on BBC 1 and the show ‘Bollywood Star on Channel 4. Some of the documentaries that he presented through the years include ‘Generation 7/7’ and ‘The Countryside Sucks’.

Another impressive and noteworthy aspect about DJ Bobby Friction is the fact that his compilation ‘Friction’ sold a staggering quarter of a million copies. This British Asian Urban compilation was indeed really popular in the sub-continent. In fact it stayed at number 1 in the charts for fourteen weeks. Many consider it as a phenomenon. Friction 2 was released later. DJ Bobby Friction lately also sealed a three album deal with Sony BMG India. DJ Bobby Friction is a well known deejay and has been regarded as a specialist in the British Asian music industry as well as in Desi Beats worldwide. His love for music has been evident since his teenage years, and it can be described as a real passion. He used it as a driving force to fuel his impressive career, and there is no denying that he is extremely popular and is likely to remain so for many more years because he is so passionate and so experienced in what he does.